A message to all ”refugees” in Sweden: GO HOME!

Swedens message to the refugees. Don’t come to Sweden, we only provide tents, no money, no house.  


السويد ممتلئه .. لا منازل أو نقود متاحه .. كل ماتستطيع السويد توفيره هو خيام في القواعد العسكريه بالاضافه الى ان الجو بارد جدا .. لا تذهب للسويد

Sweden accepted nearly 2 million refugees from 190 countries. Over time this volume has drained all resources from the Swedish society.

No there were no housing left, all public housing is full, a 2 bedroom apartment, may have 10-20 persons living in them.

Sweden can in some cases provide a tent to live in, but in the winter we have arctic temperatures about minus 20-30 C.

Recently we placed refugees in trains stations, army bases, barracks, trailers, motels and tents. Often refugees must sleep outdoors since there is no room inside tent or buildings. Winter is here and its getting cold.

We are setting up tents on vacant army bombing ranges and in forests. We have room but as of today we only have 300 tents and we expect 500,000 new refugees to arrive by the end of next year, 2016.

Hospitals can no longer provide acceptable service, patients die, recover and wait in hallways for surgery, wait times in emergency rooms may be 48 hours.

Schools are overfilled with students from 190 countries not understanding the language or culture.

We have about 1 million underemployed in Sweden, swedes and refugees. There are no jobs, no unskilled jobs, and no hope of any employment here in the future.

Large numbers of refugees discover Sweden has nothing to offer and are moving back home since they cannot find any apartment, no warfare, or salary, no money, and a very high cost of living.

That was the good news. The bad part is that Sweden has a lot of violent riots and many ghettos had all civil services driven out, no police, no ambulance, no fire truck go in due to violent gangs has taken over the suburbs.

A large number of schools and public building are set on fire by arsonists, 500 schools every year. We have a sad near world record in rapes, and EU record in other violent crimes.

Sweden has no resources left, we cannot help any refugees, you will NOT be helped in Sweden, you will NOT stay here due to the catastrophic crisis situation in Sweden.

Sweden hope you will have peace so you can go back home soon. We help UNHCR so UN can help refugees in need near their homeland.

Sweden apologize, but we CANNOT help any more refugees even if we want to.

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