George Soros betalar vänstern för att demonstrera mot Donald Trump

George Soros, the NWO Hedge Fund Billionaire is blatantly raining down millions of dollars on countless liberal organizations in the United States to hijack your freedom of choice with his Open Society Foundations. One of the Soros octopi’s tentacles is, the liberal activist behemoth that grew from Soros’ $1.46 million donation as a means to protect Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky hearings. is now a full blown army of the violent and misinformed.

FACTCHECK.ORG writes PAC raised and spent $38 million in 2008. It had spent $21 million during the 2010 campaign cycle, as of August. The PAC funds Internet and TV ads, raises money for liberal candidates and causes, and finances grassroots campaigns.

Kurt Nimmo pointed out back in January that members voted by 78.6% to support Bernie Sanders. Favoring Bernie over Hillary by 46%, a massive swath of those supporters are the Millennial Generation. The Me Generation 2.0 on steroids, easily swayed by peer based anti-Trump rhetoric and shallow socialist promises.

The Soros regime is now, unbeknownst to the majority of Bernie supporters, paying them to disrupt peaceful Trump supporters with their bloated ignorance of the facts. Paul Joseph Watson writes “ A pro-Bernie Sanders Craigslist ad invites people in Wisconsin to protest against Donald Trump for $15 dollars an hour.

According to the Gazette Xtra, these very protesters ignorantly held an anti Trump rally on the private property of the Janesville Holiday Inn, utilizing “professional” tactics, including handcuffing themselves to the pvc pipes and having their own medic on the scene according to Janesville Police Sergeant Mike Blaser. Six of the protesters were arrested

Doing a simple search of Donald Trump’s next stop in Wausau, Wisconsin. Craigslist revealed yet another MoveOn.Org paid protest ad. The Ad reads ”Looking for like minded people to protest upcoming Trump Rally. Last time Trump radicals tried to infiltrate our group. So this time we will have to have a system to screen people. Contact by email for instructions. You will have to prove to a screener that you ”feel the Bern” or ”you’re ready for Hillary”! We don’t care what candidate for the democrats you support. We just have to dump Trump! We will have a screener at a local book store to direct you to our location. Thank Move On for all we are able to do! They are helping and will give us the means to offer pay for up to an hour original 2 hours of protesting with us!”

Compensation is described as ”To be announced because of the right wing radicals who publicize us trying to compete with income inequality” So it is from Saul Alinsky’s ”Rules For Radicals”, the move textbook, that I submit this report adhering to rule #8 by keeping the pressure on and never letting up.


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