Daniel Friberg: Svensk media har blod på sina händer

Den ungerska nationalkonservativa nyhetssidan Alfahir publicerade den 29 april en intervju med mig om det misslyckade mångkulturella experimentet, svensk censur och självcensur, hur våldsvänstern tillåts terrorisera invandringskritiker med etablissemangets samtycke – och varför den äkta högern ändå kommer att vinna till slut. Nedan följer en engelsk översättning. 

Why does a successful Swedish businessman choose the Europe-wide smeared Hungary as his new home?

I take the slanders of the Leftist-liberal media as compliments. Since I’ve been an active Swedish conservative patriot since the age of 18, I have had to get used to it. In this regard, the Swedish media is the worst in Europe: they hate Hungary and every other person or country who steps out of their very narrow, politically correct, Cultural Marxist narrative. So if the Swedish or the Western European media smears you, it’s a great honour, because it basically means that you’re normal.

They insult me just as they insult you. The Swedish state radio recently accused me of having extreme and reactionary ideas – to cite but one example – about gender roles, because I think that men should be men, and women should be women. They made a huge deal out of this, even though most of the Swedish people would agree with me, but the media has entirely extremist views. This is no wonder, since we are speaking about radical Leftists and Leftist-liberals, who have a twisted worldview that has very little to do with reality.

Speaking of the ordinary people, what do they think about the politically correct ‘utopia’ forced upon them by the government?

With each passing day, the Swedish people get more and more fed up with this. In Sweden, more and more people are turning away from the mainstream media since there are no mainstream Right-wing, conservative outlets. All the major newspapers and television channels are monopolized by liberals or socialists, which provides a horrible media environment. Compared to this, Hungary is a paradise. (laughter)

As a result, several alternative media channels have emerged and grown rapidly over the last ten years. It’s basically an entirely new, rapidly growing grassroots initiative. We have a national-conservative weekly and two widely-read online news sites, which currently have a monthly readership amounting to roughly 1.5 million people each. This means that our views are reaching a significant segment of the Swedish society, as according to official statistics, the Swedish population currently stands at around ten million people, but out of those, about two million are non-European. They came to Sweden during the last thirty years, or else are descendants of these non-European immigrants.

What is the attitude of the Swedish people towards these immigrants?

At first, everybody was fine with it. They shared the common Western European ‘refugees welcome’ nonsense attitude. Everybody thought that ‘the strange is beautiful’, and that our own culture and history is horrible and shameful. It was a common notion that we should be ashamed for being Swedish. We were taught in school and through our media to feel responsibility for the historical oppression of non-Europeans. This is quite ridiculous, as in Sweden’s case as we stayed out of both World Wars and also, for the most part, the era of colonisation. Our only colony was a tiny island in the Caribbean which we ruled for 94 years before selling it to France. This was our big sin. (laughter)

The whole narrative is Cultural Marxist, Leftist nonsense which is designed to make the Swedish people ashamed of their heritage and national identity, and to feel obligated to help everybody in the world other than themselves. This was the attitude in the beginning, but since then, a lot of horrible things have happened in Sweden that have had a serious impact on the general attitude towards immigration.

For example, last August, an African ‘migrant’ brutally killed a Swedish mother and her son in an IKEA for the sole reason that they looked Swedish and he was angry at the state because his asylum request had been denied. So he simply slit their throats in the middle of the store. These sorts of tragedies, which are numerous, have caused ordinary Swedes to realize that perhaps these ‘migrants’ are not so wonderfully exotic and that immigration is not so fantastic after all.

If Swedish society is dominated by Cultural Marxism and liberalism to such a great extent, how did you become a conservative? Can we call you a conservative to any extent?

I’d rather use the word traditionalist. Although conservative can be a good term, it can also be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted. One interpretation is that being conservative means nothing more than desiring to bring back the social norms and conditions of 50 or 60 years ago, but obviously this is not enough to solve Europe’s problems. I believe in traditions based on eternal values. And of course I’m also a nationalist. I think that an important element of traditionalism is the protection of your own nation and cultural identity.

What was the road which led you to this standpoint? What was your youth like?

I grew up during the early phase of mass immigration into Sweden, so I enjoyed a very safe, middle class environment. I went to a school where 99 percent of the students were Swedish, so during my childhood I didn’t face any problems. When I was 12, my attitude very much conformed to what was expected according to the pop-cultural propaganda of American TV shows and the film industry, as well as the Swedish state media: I was more or less Left-wing. This was a typically childish worldview, filtered by the media – I had no idea that immigration and multiculturalism could be dangerous for my culture.

Läs resten av den långa intervjun här.


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