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Daniel Friberg: Svensk media har blod på sina händer

Den ungerska nationalkonservativa nyhetssidan Alfahir publicerade den 29 april en intervju med mig om det misslyckade mångkulturella experimentet, svensk censur och självcensur, hur våldsvänstern tillåts terrorisera invandringskritiker med etablissemangets samtycke – och varför den äkta högern ändå kommer att vinna till slut. Nedan följer en engelsk översättning. 

Why does a successful Swedish businessman choose the Europe-wide smeared Hungary as his new home?

I take the slanders of the Leftist-liberal media as compliments. Since I’ve been an active Swedish conservative patriot since the age of 18, I have had to get used to it. In this regard, the Swedish media is the worst in Europe: they hate Hungary and every other person or country who steps out of their very narrow, politically correct, Cultural Marxist narrative. So if the Swedish or the Western European media smears you, it’s a great honour, because it basically means that you’re normal.

They insult me just as they insult you. The Swedish state radio recently accused me of having extreme and reactionary ideas – to cite but one example – about gender roles, because I think that men should be men, and women should be women. They made a huge deal out of this, even though most of the Swedish people would agree with me, but the media has entirely extremist views. This is no wonder, since we are speaking about radical Leftists and Leftist-liberals, who have a twisted worldview that has very little to do with reality.

Speaking of the ordinary people, what do they think about the politically correct ‘utopia’ forced upon them by the government?

With each passing day, the Swedish people get more and more fed up with this. In Sweden, more and more people are turning away from the mainstream media since there are no mainstream Right-wing, conservative outlets. All the major newspapers and television channels are monopolized by liberals or socialists, which provides a horrible media environment. Compared to this, Hungary is a paradise. (laughter)

As a result, several alternative media channels have emerged and grown rapidly over the last ten years. It’s basically an entirely new, rapidly growing grassroots initiative. We have a national-conservative weekly and two widely-read online news sites, which currently have a monthly readership amounting to roughly 1.5 million people each. This means that our views are reaching a significant segment of the Swedish society, as according to official statistics, the Swedish population currently stands at around ten million people, but out of those, about two million are non-European. They came to Sweden during the last thirty years, or else are descendants of these non-European immigrants.

What is the attitude of the Swedish people towards these immigrants?

At first, everybody was fine with it. They shared the common Western European ‘refugees welcome’ nonsense attitude. Everybody thought that ‘the strange is beautiful’, and that our own culture and history is horrible and shameful. It was a common notion that we should be ashamed for being Swedish. We were taught in school and through our media to feel responsibility for the historical oppression of non-Europeans. This is quite ridiculous, as in Sweden’s case as we stayed out of both World Wars and also, for the most part, the era of colonisation. Our only colony was a tiny island in the Caribbean which we ruled for 94 years before selling it to France. This was our big sin. (laughter)

The whole narrative is Cultural Marxist, Leftist nonsense which is designed to make the Swedish people ashamed of their heritage and national identity, and to feel obligated to help everybody in the world other than themselves. This was the attitude in the beginning, but since then, a lot of horrible things have happened in Sweden that have had a serious impact on the general attitude towards immigration.

For example, last August, an African ‘migrant’ brutally killed a Swedish mother and her son in an IKEA for the sole reason that they looked Swedish and he was angry at the state because his asylum request had been denied. So he simply slit their throats in the middle of the store. These sorts of tragedies, which are numerous, have caused ordinary Swedes to realize that perhaps these ‘migrants’ are not so wonderfully exotic and that immigration is not so fantastic after all.

If Swedish society is dominated by Cultural Marxism and liberalism to such a great extent, how did you become a conservative? Can we call you a conservative to any extent?

I’d rather use the word traditionalist. Although conservative can be a good term, it can also be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted. One interpretation is that being conservative means nothing more than desiring to bring back the social norms and conditions of 50 or 60 years ago, but obviously this is not enough to solve Europe’s problems. I believe in traditions based on eternal values. And of course I’m also a nationalist. I think that an important element of traditionalism is the protection of your own nation and cultural identity.

What was the road which led you to this standpoint? What was your youth like?

I grew up during the early phase of mass immigration into Sweden, so I enjoyed a very safe, middle class environment. I went to a school where 99 percent of the students were Swedish, so during my childhood I didn’t face any problems. When I was 12, my attitude very much conformed to what was expected according to the pop-cultural propaganda of American TV shows and the film industry, as well as the Swedish state media: I was more or less Left-wing. This was a typically childish worldview, filtered by the media – I had no idea that immigration and multiculturalism could be dangerous for my culture.

Läs resten av den långa intervjun här.

Right on Radio med Ingrid Carlqvist och Conrad

The topic of today’s program is ‘The Arktos Meetup in Budapest’, and we have two guests. The first is Ingrid Carlqvist, the well-known Swedish author, journalist, and writer, and Distinguished Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute. The second is Conrad, a former Leftist and ‘anti-racist’ who made a political u-turn five years ago and is now co-hosting a popular Swedish podcast focusing on immigration-related issues

Ingrid & Conrad del 37: Två timmar med Daniel Friberg

Det här är ett riktigt höjdarprogram. Intervjun med Daniel Friberg är förmodligen den bästa intervjun som gjorts med någon svensksinnad person på decennier. Den är väl värd att lyssna på – flera gånger. Sprid intervjun vidare till dina vänner.

Daniel Friberg är en sällsynt kompetent person och idealist som skapat tankesmedjan Motpol, är en del av bokförlaget Arktos och författare till boken Högern kommer tillbaka.

Förutom att Daniel Friberg gjorde ett mycket bra och kunnigt intryck så var både Ingrid och Conrad som klippt och skurna för att ställa frågorna till Friberg. De gjorde det mycket bra och på ett trevligt sätt.

Några av frågorna som Friberg fick var följande:

Är Daniel “bara” en nationalist?
Vill Daniel se ett Sverige endast för etniska svenskar?
Hur ser han på kapitalismen och globaliseringen?
Vad har han egentligen emot Mattias Karlsson?
Är Daniel antisemit?
Hur ser han på libertarianismen?

Mycket nöje!

På Motpol kan man läsa några av Daniel Fribergs politiska ståndpunkter. Han nämner dem även lite kort i intervjun. Läs punkterna här!

Här kan du också läsa om mötet Identitär Idé 2016 och de insamlingskampanjer som pågår.

I intervjun med Friberg berättar han om ett tal som Ungerns premiärminister höll i mars 2016 med 50 000 åhörare. Daniel Friberg var en av dem som lyssnade. Här är talet översatt till svenska:


Daniel Friberg intervjuad i ungersk dagstidning

Den ungerska dagstidningen Magyar Hirlap publicerade igår en intervju med Daniel Friberg, ansvarig utgivare för Motpol och författare till Högern kommer tillbaka.

The climate in Sweden is heading towards a civil war. The police have lost control, and now vigilante groups have to patrol the streets in order to protect women, children, and the elderly from violent and sex crime. The Sweden Democrats are growing rapidly and the people are waking up. They are abandoning the crazy ideas of multiculturalism and unlimited mass immigration. It will be perhaps another ten years before we will see major changes, however, and until then there will be many more innocent victims. The Swedish media and political elite have the blood of a lot of innocent lives on their hands.


Hela intervjun kan läsas här.





Red Ice Radio: Alt Right 2016 – John Morgan, Greg Johnson, Daniel Friberg, Richard Spencer & RamzPaul

John Morgan is Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Arktos Media. He is also one of the editors of the new Right On website. Greg Johnson is Editor-in-Chief of Counter Currents. He is the author of ”Confessions of a Reluctant Hater,” ”New Right vs. Old Right,” and the newly published “Truth, Justice, & a Nice White Country.” Daniel Friberg is a founding member of the Swedish metapolitical think-tank Motpol. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Arktos Media and author of ”The Real Right Returns.” Richard Spencer is President of National Policy Institute (NPI) and Editor of Washington Summit Publishers and Radix Journal. Ramzpaul is known for his iconoclastic YouTube channel that mocks cultural Marxism and pokes fun at the establishment and contemporary politics through satire and humor.

For this roundtable, we bring together some notable and recognizable figures in the Alt Right scene. We begin by looking back on 2015, a year when we witnessed unprecedented chaos in Europe and a remarkable Western culture awakening. We discuss how an array of events – from the refugee crisis in Europe, to the Ferguson and #blacklivesmatter riots in US, and the Paris attacks – all spurred on a mass realization that the tired left/liberal and mainstream conservative aphorisms and tactics have lost traction. Richard speaks to the inspiring numbers of new people that are being “red-pilled” every day, which has resulted in a high demand for a completely new alternative to the bankrupt mainstream. We look at ways in which we can drive the Alt Right movement in a positive direction and offer a tangible vision for those who are craving something new. Greg describes how ideas coming out of the Alt Right, like the Cuckservative meme, are now driving mainstream debates, and Daniel emphasizes the importance of focusing on metapolitics as a means to shape a cultural cleanup. Then, we get into the differing concepts of White Nationalism and Ethno Nationalism, and whether or not Europe has something to learn from America in terms of racial identity, or if breaking up into separate, sovereign nations is the answer to the ages-old Western ethnic rivalry.

In the second hour, Ramzpaul explains how he employs a comedic slant to get around censorship while conveying his message in a nonthreatening way. We discuss the tremendous opportunities that exist in the Alt Right for talented individuals to produce low-cost media content with a core message, and brainstorm ways to encourage meetups, community building, and the recruitment of other like-minded folks to support and join the cause. We talk about some of the obstacles that we face with censorship policies on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as the excellent propaganda that is generated from controversies that end up being covered by the MSM. We get into the power of trolling, the great advantage of the decentralized nature of the Alt Right, and the fact that this instinctually driven movement is the sexiest alternative to any snively SJW popularity contest. In closing, John emphasizes the exciting prospect that the Alt Right is well on its way to becoming the new counter culture, as it is by far the only true opposition with true rebel status.

Guest website’s:

Daniel Friberg utmanar Mattias Karlsson (SD) på debatt

Mattias Karlsson (SD) har gjort bort sig ganska många gånger vid det här laget. Senast häromdagen när han gick ut och klagade på Folkets Demonstration på ett fullkomligt onyanserat sätt.

Reaktionerna från invandringskritiker blev inte nådig. Asylkaos skrev att Mattias Karlsson är SD:s svar på Mona Sahlin.

Efter att Karlsson fått omfattande kritik från många håll ville han förtydliga vad han menade med sin kritik och lyckades då trassla till det ännu mer för sig. Han började plötsligt mer eller mindre ställa krav på hur Folkets Demonstration skulle hantera sina manifestationer – trots att han inte hade med dem att göra.

Mattias Karlssons inhopp och påhopp gjorde inte kritiken mot honom mindre. Ingrid Carlqvist och Conrad i podden Ingrid & Conrad kritiserade Karlsson kraftigt och undrade varför han beter sig likadant som Expo gör mot invandringskritiker.

Ingrid Carlqvist i ”Ingrid och Conrad” del 31, den 2 februari 2016:

”Det är väldigt, väldigt tråkigt att höga Sverigedemokrater som själva har blivit så fruktansvärt illa behandlade av extremvänstern och deras journalistlakejer, att han tar till samma metoder, det är som den mobbade killen som äntligen hittar ett ännu svagare offer att mobba för att han ska ta sig upp till mobbarnas sida. Det går emot allt. Man tycker liksom att folk ska sluta mobba och att de som har blivit mobbade inte ska vilja mobba andra. Det är som katten på råttan och råttan på repet, det är så ovärdigt. Därför blir man så besviken. Om någon tycker att vi har hårda ord mot Mattias Karlsson, så beror det naturligtvis på att vår besvikelse är stor för vi hade förväntat oss så mycket mer, kanske inte efter Expo-brevet men innan det.”

”Här har nu Mattias Karlsson, Jimmie Åkesson och alla de andra, i flera år blivit förföljda av mainstream-media med exakt samma argument och försökt på alla sätt och vis att tvätta av sig detta och bara kämpat vidare, och så gör han samma sak mot oss. Jag blir faktiskt väldigt provocerad.

Även Daniel Friberg uttryckte sin besvikelse över Mattias Karlssons upprädande:

”Det han ägnar sig åt i vanlig ordning, det är inte första gången det här, det är en splittrande verksamhet och det är sista som den Sverigevänliga rörelsen behöver. Han försöker få människor att ta avstånd från andra människor som också vill Sverige väl. Han kallar människor för neofascister till höger och vänster utan att kunna definiera begreppet, han använder det godtyckligt ungefär på samma sätt som Expo och extremvänstern använder det.”

Ungefär en timme in i sändningen (tidskod 1:02:00) säger Daniel Friberg, som förefaller innerligt trött på Karlssons alla påhopp att han utmanar Karlsson på debatt. Ingrid och Conrad erbjuder att debatten kan hållas i någon framtida sändning.

Mattias Karlsson har så många gånger angripit sina egna, uteslutit och förtalat dem att det är dags att han få stå till svars nu för alla sina angrepp på andra Sverigevänner.

Kommer han att våga debattera mot Daniel Friberg eller kommer han fegt att försöka slippa undan?