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The numbers are out – Swedes will be a minority in few years

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From SPEISA: The demographic composition in Sweden is in flux and can best be described as replacing the population. The proportion of immigrants in Sweden since the millennium has increased dramatically while the number of ethnic Swedes has gone down. The proportion of people with a foreign background is now approaching 30 percent of the population.

From the year 2000 and until December 31, 2014, the number of ethnic Swedes has decreased by more than one hundred thousand, while the number of people with foreign backgrounds has increased by nearly a million.

In just one year, the proportion of the population in Sweden with foreign background increased by 0.79 percent. In 2013, 27.96 percent of residents in Sweden had foreign background, while in 2014 the figure was at 28.75 percent.

If the proportion of people with foreign backgrounds continues to increase at the same pace, the Swedes will become a minority in their own country within 2041. However, as the number of immigrants continues to increase, it will occur even earlier than one might anticipate.

The demographic development of the younger part of the population (0-44 years) is even more dramatic:

In 2013, the proportion of people in Sweden with a foreign background in the age group 0-44 years was 33.3 percent. One year later, in 2014, the percentage increased by 0.95 percent to 34.26 percent. If this trend continues, Swedes aged 0-44 years will be a minority in their own country already in 2031. The development is even faster among younger people than the population as a whole.

So in about 15 years (or less, with increased immigration), ethnic Swedes will be outnumbered nation wide, as it has already happened in Sweden’s third largest city, and in many local communities.

Just a few decades ago, Sweden was considered one of the most homogeneous countries in the world.

More than one-third of all school pupils in Sweden are unable to complete the most basic of academic standards or pass any exams, a new report has revealed – the direct result of the mass nonwhite invasion of that country and the subsequent flooding of its school system by hordes of low IQ Third Worlders.

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Sweden’s top public broadcaster SVT has ordered its employees not to use the word “immigrant” because it might be seen as politically incorrect, while also prohibiting the terms “black” and “dark skinned” because they may “arouse criticism” of terrorists and criminals.

The TV station’s new “language manual” orders its journalists not to say “immigrant” because it might be offensive to immigrants who have become Swedish citizens. The term “immigrant population” must also be replaced by the description “socially/economically deprived area.”

SVT has also advised, “its employees to consistently use the term “Swedish” of anyone who has Swedish citizenship. For instance, Muslim terrorists who have managed to become Swedish citizens (should be) named as Swedes,” reports FriaTider.

When describing terrorists or criminals, employees have also been told not to use the words “black,” “African origin” or “dark skin” because it may “arouse criticism” of the offenders. However, using the words “white” or “fair skinned” in the same context is perfectly acceptable.

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